We Can Supplement Your Team or Be Your Team

What can we help you with?

Strategic HR

Address and solve business problems that directly contribute to major long-term business objectives

Operational HR

Support the employee lifecycle by performing the day-to-day operations essential to meeting the needs of your employees

HR Compliance

Align workplace policies and practices with applicable employment/labor laws and regulations


Strategic HR

Talent Aquisition

We source, screen and recruit applicants from a targeted pool and provide you with a handful of candidates that fit your technical needs and culture.

Talent  & Performance Management

Provide performance management that is measurable, equitable and achievable which helps your organization thrive and succession plan.

Employee Relations, Engagement and Retention

Build a culture of positivity and loyalty which leads to engagement and the retention of talent. 

Training and Leadership Development

Teach managers how to implement company’s strategies, mitigate internal conflict, minimize legal risk and impact productivity while building employee morale and loyalty.


Operational HR

HR Administration

We create an HR framework for your organization which includes offer letters, new employee checklist, onboarding plan, job descriptions and the creation of all HR related forms. We create and/or revise employee handbooks, policies and procedures to ensure consistency with an organization’s goals and corporate culture, as well as in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Compensation, Benefits and Incentive Plans

Improve your organization’s competitive position by helping you leverage compensation, benefits and incentive programs to recruit and retain top talent.


HR Compliance

Compliance and Auditing

Uncover and resolve deficiencies and errors in HR practices before they become legal issues. This includes an analysis and review of policies and procedures which will expose any potential liability.

Workplace Investigations

Our experienced investigators conduct complex employee investigations and provide guidance to help minimize organizational risk

Layoffs and Terminations

Tailored guidance and advice to help you make the best business decision regarding workforce restructuring and terminations for cause. In both these cases, we ensure that employees are treated respectfully and with dignity as they exit the company. We also assist with pre and post termination internal communications to minimize organization anxiety.