Our years of experience can enhance your leadership team

What can we help you with?

Fractional Services

Have an experienced executive on a part-time basis (for an established number of hours per month or days per week) as an alternative to hiring one full-time. Your fractional executive will be responsible for all areas of human capital and/or legal and  will gain an understanding of your business strategy, markets, financials and customers so that they can partner with the senior leadership team to move your organization forward and drive results.

Interim Services

Immediately acquire an executive when you have an urgent need due to a position vacancy or critical project. An interim executive will expertly “fill the gap” and/or take on specialized projects. Your interim executive can also help in the selection of a permanent Chief People Officer or General Counsel.

Advisory Services

Receive advice and guidance through daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly interaction with a dedicated executive. Your executive can also coach & mentor your current head of HR or Legal. This service is customized to meet your needs. Let us guide you through organizational restructuring, confidential employee matters, succession planning, complex compensation challenges and/or legal issues.

Our on-demand model for fractional and interim C-level executives means companies can have access to experienced executives without having to recruit, onboard or enter into an employment contract. Our executives quickly identify issues, needs, and opportunities then deliver strategic, actionable plans ready for our full implementation.

Our Chief People Officers and General Counsel have decades of experience which can enhance your executive leadership team and provide credibility with your board & investors. 

Chief People Officers serve as trusted advisors to CEOs and subject matter experts while overseeing human capital strategy, recruiting, onboarding, compensation, employee relations, benefits, health & wellness programs, leadership development, employee engagement and HR policy.

General Counsel handle day-to-day legal matters while developing intimate knowledge of your business, allowing them to develop trust and provide sound legal advice and guidance.